About Us

Pet parents can find support and information on everyday issues like health issues and behavior, as well as questions and challenges. They can also celebrate the joy of their fur family, ensuring a life that’s extra special for their pets.

We’re Here For Pet Parents

PetsLoving.com was launched in August 2023 to provide pet parents with expert information and pet news to help them create a fulfilling, long-lasting relationship with their pets. The site uses expert interview sources, an Advisory Board, and a Content Review Team to provide science-backed advice on pet health and behavior questions. It also features product reviews and recommendations written by pet parents, and pet news and social channels to bring joyous stories of real pets and families to users’ news feeds.

Editorial Guidelines

Pets Loving is dedicated to producing accurate, helpful content that caters to all people and their pets. The editorial team ensures accuracy and integrity in reporting and research processes, working with a diverse group of writers and editors from various backgrounds, ensuring their content is inclusive and relevant.